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Shoud you be syptom free on Pred?

I started Pred for the first time about a month ago and they worked (stopped my stomach pains), this last few days and especially now I am in quite a lot of pain on and off.

I've been told I have crohns but I've not seen a GI yet, I need a mri scan first

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I don't know about being symptom free on Pred. I do know that it's supposed to help boost your flare in order to get better. However, Prednisone is a steriod and the least amount of time you're on them the better off you are.

Each GI/doctor is different. Some doctors will put you on steriods at a drop of the hat, while others don't like you being on the stuff at all. At one point while I was on them, they worked for me right away. But, the next time they didn't do a whole lot for me.

I hope your tests go well. Please keep us updated on how you're doing. Good luck. :)
I feel like I am in the same boat as you. I also have some pains at the moment despite being on pred. I look forward to seeing everyone's responses.

I hope you don't feel too groggy!
My son got better on the prednisone, but still experienced occasional stomach pain and symptoms. It just took many months for things to heal up and get to a place where he felt no pain, ate well, and the headaches and tiredness went away. He is in very solid remission now, so hang in there it can take a while.

If you feel like you are getting worse, definitely talk to your GI. Some people need a higher dose, need IV prednisone, slower taper, or prednisone just doesn't seem to affect their disease.

My MRI scan got cancelled on Monday because the machine broke so I'm now waiting for a new date. I have an appointment with my GI on Monday 16th Dec to discuss all my tests and where i go from there. Rang my GIs secretary and she's said to still keep the appointment on the 16th so hopefully then I will more info.

My pains yesterday were from something I ate (never again) :/

I get to around 7pm half expecting to have stomach ache now even though I think I've been really good with what I've eaten today. Seems to have gotten worse since I've gone from 6 to 4 tablets, need to take 3 tomorrow.

I've read quite a few side effects of Pred and I sometimes find it hard to sleep and wake up a couple of time where before I never did, occasional night sweats and I'm eating more.



Sometimes when you taper the Pred too quickly, the symptoms gradually come back too, discuss your options with your doc, depending where your Crohns is located, a non systemic steroid such as Entocort may be more beneficial.
Entocort works in the small bowel and the start of the large.
Read all about the other options other than steroids in our treatment sections, and once you get a firm diagnosis your doc may start you on an immunosuppressant.
Good luck and get genned up, ask loads of questions.
I should have mentioned I have a narrowing of Ileum. I did get told that when I got dischared as an out patient after my appendix/camera OP.

I'll see how I go over the next few days regarding my pain, if it's like it was last night I will call the GI nurses/helpline.
I've just noticed my spelling in the title of the post :eek: I'll blame the pain lol

Anyway, I was awake at 3am in pain :( so I rang helpline/nurse and she asked me to go in for blood tests, which I've done and I get the results tomorrow.
They may change the meds/dosage but I won't know until Monday and I got a date for my MRI scan of 27th December.

Really appreciate the replies in this thread because I mentioned what everyone here said and she agreed that it could be that. So thanks again everyone
I just got a phone call from the nurse and she said my crp levels were over 100 and she told me to go back to 8 tablets (40) from 4 tablets.
I know that's not good but what dose it mean?

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Don't quote me. But, I believe that the crp levels mean inflammation. If so, that gives them info on how your flare is and that they need to bring the inflammation down. Only reason why I can figure they increased your dose again. Xxxx