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Should I ask for extra time off?

I'll be going in for my Humira load up doses on Monday 19th this month. The appointment is straight after lunch time.

Should i expect to feel so awfull after this that I may not be of much use at work, or can i expect to go right back to work (I sit chained to a computer screen at work so it's not like I have to do anything physical, but I need a functioning brain cell or two to be able to do what I do there)

My boss is quite understanding, as he has a cronic thing himself going on....

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Just in case I would take the rest of the day off, if you are going to have a reaction most times is it immediate. Dont worry, you will be just fine! Let us know how it goes!
Thanks, I'll give them a heads up tomorrow, that I may not return after lunch that day...well, I have a few off-hours left saved up this year anyway :)
It shouldn't affect your brain function/tiredness too much, unless the thought of needles makes you nauseous and stuff. Mostly just the injection sites will feel sore for about 30 minutes. Not bad though! I think giving them a heads up is a good idea, but its most likely that you'll feel fine to go back.
Good Luck!!
I tend to get a headache and feel as if there are too many levels of indirection between me and the world after my injection, so I do it just before bed. I don't remember how I was after the loading doses other than I had a snooze that afternoon.

The loading dose had no adverse effect on me at all. However, we are all different. I hope that Humira works for you.