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Should I be really concerned about heightened ALT, AST, MCV & MCH?

Hi Everyone,

You can kind of see my history below. Peri-anal abscess in 10/2013, drained, seton 11/2013, dx 12/2013 with PA Crohn's. Colonoscopy showed mostly PA disease, but some inflammation at the terminal ileum. Started Humira 2/2014 and did okay, but fistula never closed. Abscessed again in 4/2015, surgery with placement of another seton 4/22/2015. Off of the Humira and starting Entyvio today, actually. Doctor also wants me on 6MP, which leads to my question in the Title.

My bloodwork has always been pretty much normal. On 5/9, my ALT was slightly elevated from normal (i.e. 12-78) at 88. My MCH was slightly elevated from normal (i.e. 27-33) at 33.6.

Well, I did not feel well with increasing right lower quadrant pain, fatigue, and lightheadedness. I went to the ER on Monday and my blood work shows heightened ALT at 127, substantially higher, and now AST at 58 (normal is 15-37). In addition, my MCH was then 34.1 and my MCV is now 99 (normal listed as 80.2-99.4). In addition, they did a CT which showed, I believe, corrosive damage to the hip joints related to CD.

I'm sorry for the legnth of this message, but I'm just wondering if this bloodwork is something to be very worried about. I'm very concerned about the liver enzymes. I do not drink a lot, but may have a couple drinks on the weekend. I certainly don't see that as the cause. Is this something that can be related to CD?
I think going to see your general practioner or G.I would be best,and don,t leave them until they explain it to you and you understand the results doctors spend many years at university and most people on forums don,t.good luck all the best



I believe AST and ALT are liver numbers they are more out range than the other numbers so would about ask them first.

◾Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) is a calculation of the average amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin inside a red blood cell.

◾Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) is a measurement of the average size of RBCs.
From the little I understand, that is my main concern as well. However, the MCV & MCH numbers indicate anaemia which might explain my lethargy and light headedness.
Hi Catherine,

I'm going back in 2 weeks to test folate, ferritin and b12. He was more concerned about liver enzymes because he wanted to start me on 6MP in conjunction with Entyvio. He is not going to do that until checking my enzymes again.