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Should I get a refferal to a Rheumy?

So...I've been fighting for diagnosis for a while now...I always thought Rheumy's were specifically for RA...Looked it up, and now know better. :p Should I try to get a referral for one? Maybe they'll have some other thoughts the GI may not have had? I don't know....I just want help> :( Having a meltdown....


Rheumy's are for sure good at finding what is wrong (speaking from my personal experience). They are dealing with diseases that have so much more symptoms, including gastro-intestinal symptoms and usually manage to direct you where you need to go. I don't know what kind of symptoms you are dealing with, but generally rheumy will screen with specific blood tests that GI don't usually run. It helps putting the finger down on the right disease as several vasculitis, systemic disease and all have digestive manifestations that can be mistaken for IBD and vice-versa.