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Should I Go Back On Prednisone?

I have Crohn's Colitis with tenesmus,bloating, gas, diahrrea, cramps in the lower abdomen, anemia (Hemocrit of 9.4), on and off bright red blood and white mucous in the stool with fatty stool (stetorrhea) nearly every night.

I've had an upper MR Enterography which ruled out serious problems in my upper GI..

I got off of 40 milligrams of Prednisone about two months ago (after a slow taper) and while I was on it, I had horrible panic attacks, serious weight gain, palpatations and much more.

I have had three loading doses of Entyvio and the side effects have included on and off fevers and chills, severe abdominal cramps and diahrrea, severe fatigue, brain fog,even some visual disturbances to name a few-I will not get any more infusions of Entyvio.

I am on the Carnivore diet only because for the last eight months, all vegetable matter I have eaten has passed through me undigested.
II ha e no dairy, no gluten, no sugar and no eggs.

But my soon to be former GI doctor wants me to go back on Prednisone (40 Mg) to control my symptoms for now.

Do you think that I should go back on the Prednisone until I find a new GI?
I'm still in a flare, but its not "life or death" at this point.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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my little penguin

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Entyvio takes a long time to work
Pred can help
Elemental formula (free of all intact proteins - broken down to amino acids so your body doesn’t have to )
Is used in kids as a bridge until meds can kick jn
Or induce remission. (Inflammation comes back once you eat solids again )
Basically no solids and only amino acid based formula until entivyio kicks in
Een is normally 6-8 weeks
But entivyio takes 24 weeks average

No side effects (except wanting to eat )
And sometimes diarrhea (liquid in equals liquid out ) but only 1-2 a day

Vionex is elemental premixed version for adults

Ds has used this method a feed times
And always stays in 50% amino acid based formula plus food and meds
He is on neocate jr right now

DrAw back would be ng tube may be needed
Most can’t drink elemental formula orally
Ds does but was started on formula at age 7