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Should I head to a clinic? Emerge? or wait it out...

Hey all!

Been awhile since I have been on the forums... I'm kinda at a loss at the moment, as I am unsure if I should just wait this out, or go get checked out. I did leave a voicemail for my GI yesterday... but haven't heard back.

Some background -- fistulating crohns, under control with remicade. No surgeries... Have some areas of heavy scarring

Tuesday night -- after dinner started to feel a little off... increasing abdominal pain and bloating.. really hard time sleeping. Unable to pass gas.. .etc
Wednesday -- Continued to feel a lot of abdominal pressure/bloating, and intermittent abdominal pain.. towards the end of the day seemed to be able to pass some gas, and had a small bowel movement
Today - Woke up with a lot less pressure, but it has increased again. No bowel movements, and not much movement of gas except burping... not extreme abdominal pain, but a lot of discomfort...

Obviously Im worried about a blockage... I've never had one which is why I am not too sure what I should do. I am guessing since I am seeing some limited gas movement, perhaps partial?

Problem is I have a work trip scheduled this afternoon to fly out of town (returning tomorrow).. and im not sure if I should just skip it and go to a walk in clinic... or keep waiting it out to see if it improves?


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Typically if things are bad enough to post a question on the forums about whether or not to go to the emergency
Then you have enough concern to go to the emergency room
Please go to the ER
Hi thisisme,

I've been reading through the forums looking for advice. I'm having the same symptoms as you, and wondered what happened?

No vomiting but some extreme waves of pain on Thursday last week and Tuesday this week. When it happens I can't go to the toilet.

My father in law to be (who is living with us during the pandemic) is a retired GP and says the idea of a blockage is ridiculous. I respect his opinion but he isn't an IBD specialist, so I'm unsure.

Thank you in advance!
Thank you, already spoke to my IBD nurse, she said if the pain gets really bad go to hospital but try to avoid if I can. She thought it sounded like some kind of obstruction. It's hard to know how bad is go to hospital bad 🤔