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Should I panick?

I had part of my small bowel removed 7 days ago due to a stricture..

I had diarrhoea constantly for the last few days, then yesterday/this morning it seems to have completely blocked up again. I feel loads of gas inside me, nothing seems to be passing and there's significantly more pain than I've been feeling. Things were also pretty painful the last few times I went.

Is this something to be worried about, or am I gonna be ok in the next few days?


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Don’t panic....
Have you been discharged from the hospital.
It might be a good idea to check in soon with your surgeon and let them know.
The sooner you can discuss what’s happening the better you will feel...would not hurt to go to the emergency department and get it checked out..sometimes it’s better not to wait things out.


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I wouldn't panic, but do call the surgeon and let them know whats going on. I had surgery that involved removing bowel and a colostomy that I now live with. When I was started on solid foods I too developed gas and sharp pains, the bowels still moved. I was introduced slowly to solid foods with small portions then gradually building up to full meals over a two week period. Be sure to peel vegetable and fruits.Go easy on the fiber at first so as not to overload your system.
Yeah i agree, i'd not pay too much stress on what's goin just after the surgery as your bowel need to recover too and it will take time. I'd not hesitate to call or send a message to the doctors... they may want to adjust your diet or give you some advice/drugs...