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Should I try to taper faster?

I started out on 40mg of prednisone in early december and became symptomatic when I tried to taper. I began imuran in early january, and after having back pain from prednisone my doctor recommended I taper from 40mg to 20mg which caused a flare of symptoms so I went up to 30mg. I tapered down by 5mg a week until I got to 10mg and became symptomatic again. At that point one of the GI doctors recommended that I taper down by 1mg a week. I also began taking humira in mid feb. Recently I've developed a moon face and acne and want to get off of prednisone as soon as possible. Is two months of imuran and 2 injections of humira enough to try and taper down from 14mg to 10mg? I can't deal with the pred side effects anymore.
I wouldn't go that fast I would say dropping by 2 might be okay but 4 is not an ideal jump. I know the side effects suck but it's only a few weeks extra.

Good luck!