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Should you think I should see a GI?

I have always had a fairly sensitive digestive system but in the past month or so it has gotten pretty bad with intense diarrhea, occasional abdominal cramping.

I have always been anemic.

I went to my GP about it and had blood work done and a stool test. Stool all came back normal, as did most everything in the blood except WBC (I tested at 13 normal is 4-11), hemoglobin (I tested at 10.9, normal is 11.5-16.0)
-Hemotocrit (I tested at 33.5%, normal is 35-45%)
-MCV (I tested at 71.8, normal is 80-100)
-MCH (I tested at 23.4, normal is 26-34)
-absolute granulocytes (I tested at 9.2, normal is 2-8.6)
-ALK PHOSPHATASE (I tested at 64, normal is 70 - 210)

I was feeling better this past week as I was on a trip and could only really eat potatoes, rice, chicken and fruit so I contacted my GP and she said I might not have to see the GI but I'm not so sure due to some abnormalities in the blood tests.


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Hello and Welcome to the forum
Your white count has increased above the normal level and would indicate some kind of infection is going on.
Since you continue to have GI symptoms it may be in order to request a consult with a GI specialist.
Feel better soon
You seem to suffer from chronic mild anemia.
This would be the most concerning lab abnormality indicating underlying disease.
Do you know the cause of the anemia? Malabsorption? Iron. B12, Folate deficiencies etc.