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Shout Out To a Few Inventors

I'd like to give a big shout out to the inventors of sitz baths and Zofran. Sitz baths give such relief in between the pain medicine doses. I wonder if the person who thought of this sanity-saving product suffered from perianal problems as well? Oh and I'm sure in the abscess/fistula area everyone can commiserate on both the fab and the horrible aspects of Cipro and Flagyl. My GI and surgeon decided to try me on a 2 week on, 2 week off cycle of them for a while to try to get one of my two fistula's under control (the other one has been under control since seton placement Feb. 2010). I've been SO nauseous from them and Zofran has really been my bff lately. Ginger ale and crackers have not been cutting it. So without the amazing inventors who came up with these glorious products, I don't know how I would be dealing right now. And I suppose the people who came up with pain meds and Remicade too.:D

Any visionaries or products that you can't image life without when you're dealing with your abscesses and/or fistulas?


I really appreciated Balneol. My surgeon recommended it for clean up at work when I couldn't just take a bath. :) It was soothing, but really, it gave me the confidence to remain at work after "going." It's a keeper for my bag of supplies!