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SIBO and Motility Issues

Hi All,

I've been extremely frustrated as you may have gathered from my previous posts. My current GI suspects that I have SIBO (most likely methane dominant) due to my motility issues from areas of narrowing in both the jejunum and ileum. Rather than dealing with the structural issues with surgery she wants me to try a low carb, low fibre high fat and high protein diet as well as probiotics and an antibiotic (riflaximin) which I have heard is not completely effective with methane dominant SIBO. Currently where I live there is no way to test for methane dominant SIBO. I don't want to pay the money for the antibiotics when I have risk factors that put me at a high chance for SIBO reoccurence. I also do not think that any diet is going to completely solve the issues when my problems are structural. She won't up my dose of Stelara (I'm on the every eight weeks cycle) or add in methotrexate and wants me to wait until May for an MRI to assess if the jejunum narrowing has subsided as she is very insistent that it has to be an inflammatory stricture rather than fibrotic. I have been on Stelara since the beginning of August and have still been experiencing issues of partial obstructive symptoms every couple of months. I am at my wits end with doctors!! My CRP is 6.7 and Fecal Cal 181 which, since I have small bowel Crohn's is high and I've been feeling worse and worse since that test (which was over a month ago) so I'm sure it could have jumped higher by now. Any suggestions on what you would do in my situation?
Sorry, emotional distress certainly does make things worse. My personal take is that your Dr. sounds like she knows what she is doing. More and more GI's are looking to surgery as a last resort because there is no going back. The connection between diet and crohns does have some evidence. I think its worth a shot to go the diet route. But, I would make an honest go at it and commit for a few months and see if it does help.

I have talked to many people who went Keto or low carb and it made a world of difference. Sadly it doesn't work for everyone.

I have mild small bowel crohns also and have managed with diet and supplements. I thankful about how lucky I am to not have gotten worse over the last decade. I went the diet/supplement route about 3-4 years ago. The first year I noticed pretty good improvement in the first 3 months, then very little improvement on top of that over the next two years. I told my GI when he asked me, I was at 90% normal. It seems like I was saying 90% forever. Over the last year things have gotten much better.

So, my advice would be to try the low carb diet and commit to it, don't cheat. But I think anything is better than surgery or drugs. Just remember, its just food, it just gives you energy. Not eating chocolate bars is better then going under the knife!


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My daughter is trying SCD in an attempt to tame her Crohn's and avoid surgery. The one thing I will say about diet is it is fine to try it and I am a firm believer BUT try a diet that has been studied well and get yourself in to a professional (registered dietician, nurse practitioner or physician) this well versed in advising on diet. There is a reason there is a professional solely dedicated to diet and the management of chronic disease (Registered Dietician). You can't just try a little of this or that. You have to pick a dietary approach (SCD, IBD Aid, CDED, GAPS, FODMAP or whatever) and do it 100% with strict adherence and a lot of advice along the way.

Incidentally, SCD has a great success rate with SIBO. But I agree with you, unless you address the structural issues that lead to SIBO in the first place diet can only do so much.
@crohnsinct Sorry O is still having trouble. Hope she has success with SCD. That is the diet I am looking at but I definitely agree that I don't want to do it without the help of a knowledgeable dietician. I'm already on Restoralax to try and help keep things moving better but it is starting to be less effective. Seeing my GI in Feb so I'll bring this all up then. Thanks!