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Sick of prednisone

Just want to vent. Prednisone and entocort are doing a number on me. My skin feels tight from either fluid retention or swelling all over my body. I have wierd pains and numbness, dry skin, headaches, muscle spasms, mood swings, moon face, etc. Don't know if its the swelling or what. I hate this and it sucks. I have a horrendous headache and feel like I'm 100 years old tonight. I am tapering off the pred and it seems like my symptoms have gotten worse: fluid retention and at night I have palpitations and feel like I can't breathe. Still having symptoms from crohns so I know these meds aren't working. Stress at work does not help. Sorry. I just needed to vent. I am soooo tired of people telling me my face is swollen; like I don't know it already. I am feeling really down although I keep trying to remember that it could always be worse.
Hows your Iron level? I know just bear through it, it will get worse as you taper but once you are off you will feel much better just hang in there.
My face was so fat once (from pred) that my mother did not recognize me. t did get better and it got me through many times. Hang in there. :ysmile:
Thanks you guys. I feel a little better this morning except for this headache. I can't seem to get rid of it. I see my dr today.
Just started pred again as well. Not looking forward to the shakes and round face and probably the acne it gave me last time.

Hang in there though :) it really does help!
im going down to 5mg moro and my face just broke out in spots. grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
i also get palpatations and the shakes and a fat face and excess hair everywhere!!!
! more week, 1 more week........

Hang in there! I hate it to so I'm not even going to say "it gets better" because that doesn't help the situation. I've been on it for almost a year. If it helps any, yesterday a acquantence of mine asked why my face hasn't gone down since my wisdom teeth surgery last year. I haven't had wisdom teeth surgery. I guess he didn't know Prednisone causes moon face :)! I've also gotten "You look like a fatty from neck up but from neck chest down you look anorexic."

Drink lots of water and take folic acid, B12 & zinc supplements. It has helped my hair loss/prednisone belly so much!