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Sick! Pregnancy or Crohn's?

Hey guys,

I have been having a really rough time for pretty much the whole time I've been pregnant, but the last 3 weeks have been pretty bad. I don't think I have "morning sickness" as I am not nauseaous and things like that. However, any time I eat I throw up almost immediately after. My urine is a dark brownish color so I'm pretty sure I'm dehydrated. I'm trying to drink water, but its causing more vomiting, so I've been drinking lots of 7-Up. I'm still having diarrhea (a very watery diarrhea) and about 5 or so times a day.

I called the GI doc and asked what to do, but haven't heard back from them since this morning.

Has any one else experienced this?? It feels like last year when I had a bowel obstruction, like I threw up EVERYTHING, but I'm not in pain like I was last year other than my normal gassy, crampy nastiness followed by the D.

Baby is good, strong heartbeat still. 4 months pregnant and not showing at all, and losing a bit of weight, I'm just nervous!

OH, and I posted this in the general discussion, but just found out today that its a GIRL!


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I'm not pregnant nor have I ever been, so I can't comment on that aspect. But, if you're so dehydrated that your urine is dark, it's probably time to go get some IV fluids! In the past when I have gone to urgent care to get IV fluids, they also usually put some anti-nausea medication in the IV, which helps tons - I always come away feeling so much better. I hope you are able to get some relief and feel better soon. Oh, and I already posted this on your other thread, but I'll say it again - Congrats!! :D
Thanks ladies!

I finally heard from the doc, his solution was to put me on Reglan, which comes with its own long list of side effects for me! It was on my "sensitivity" list, but its not an allergy. I have taken it about 6 times before meals like I was suppose to and wham! still threw up every time i took it. I'm hanging in there. Becoming a little bit skinnier, but baby is doing good! Active as all get out and growing right on schedule.

I go see the OB on Monday, so maybe he will have some advice for me.

I was thinking about getting some flavorless protein powder and put it in my drinks. I'm keeping fluids down pretty good, just foods aren't staying. Drinking lots of milkshakes! I figured i could put the powder in that and it would help me from losing more weight.. do you think that would work?
I haven't tried boost. I have in the past, but its hard for me to drink those drinks! I've been getting milkshakes at Steak N Shake (they are amazing) and putting protein powder in them, its kind of helping me keep a little bit of weight on instead of losing fast like I was.