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{Sick since little] Part2 "The Good Years"

After my operation I was sent home on a HONORABLE discharge , never had time to recover Navy got me out fast, needed to work on my muscles, could hardly walk so weak.[ luckly my Dad knew all I needed [ being a olympic wieght lifter] helped me... 1 month later got my first real job, [warehouse] great work good hard work....Life was awesome I really felt "reborn" I reffered to it as that,,,, I felt so alive and happy this lasted until Married [[LOL Just joking]]]lasted until 1994, I was going to pick up my wife at work with our 1 year old, at a stop I was rearended by a drunk guy, baby was ok thank God, but, I wasnt he messed up my spine and hip bones permenately I could not even walk on most days, when i did it was a hobble walk and because i had crohn his insurence fight and won that i only get car paid and medical paid thats all I am hanicaped to this daybecause of him and crohns] he [drunk] got away with it, im on disabilalty now.......So you can amagine you would be very angry ..It took me 4 years of testing to find what happened to me[ it was pure hell] the only driver with a 1 year old and could hardly move[at only 23]...Finally done i had screws[literaly] put each hip[my hip, sacral bones were moving around freely causeing inflamation and pain ,but worst with the swelling at the base of the spine the swelling pressed on the nerves and caused such horrible pain all day and night[ which is why i cant sleep to this very day]]] i could amost never sleep...Doctors told me because of crohns ,it was that my body couldnt heal[ bones] it took me 4 years of test a only 1 doctor[ because no other doctor could find out why,,,] 1 doctor on my FIRST visit knew what was wrong,,,, gave me a BONE SCAN and found EVERYTHING out , no doctor thought of that and MOST THOUGHT I ONLY WANTED PAIN MEDS> No doctor for 4 years ever gave me anything for pain they all thought i was making it up, and did nothing[[[frustrating and angry from nobody ever willing to TRY TO HELP ME;[ just in and out ]]]]]Finally the RIGHT doctor came in,,[ This is why we need to be patient until we find the doctor that seen things before[what ever ailment] .. So took 4 years and month to find whats wrong all this time we had to go on welfare, 4 years i tryed ssdi got denied after getting denied again I had to go to court i was told to get a lawyer,, still in [99] I could hardly walk ,good . sometimes i fall, my legs just suddenly give out because my nerves and swelling... I was like noway,,m i going to court alone , i went and the judge asked me if i was advised if i want a lawyer , i told him i was and i refused,,,1 month later I finally got on....Thank God....I still have lots of pain in hip spine ,but, I can walk ok most times.... I had 2 operations on my hip area having 1 screw on each side put into my hip bone into my sacral bone[ upper part of tail bone pretty much] several years later I was doing much better..... Finally feeling better from years of hellish pain and not able to do much of anything , I started to realize Im not feeling right[ I never had the time to monitor my crohns because of being in so much pain from another issue]]]]Well in 2003 I was in the hospital on "NPO" no food or water[any drink] at all for 3 weeks, sent home with my first pain meds[more to say about pain meds , later]]]]] a few weeks later I was back in the hospital[same issues] had a "scope test" and the doctor found 9 inches of swollen closed intestines,, the scope had a balloon on it that inflated and opened the intestinal walls [always on the lower right side lol,] well after 4 days more i was released from the hospital ,but, I didnt feel right[something was very wrong I could feel me dying] come to find out ,I was slowly dying my intestine stopped working after the balloon ,on the day I was told to get to the ER I had a hard time walking and seeing I was messed up it was unlike ANYTHING I have every experienced[ scarey ]Got surgery, This doctor was a very FAST PACE dotor [talked like on speed[he wasnt though] he told me when I asked him why you go so fast with people, he said" the people I see the more money I make"maybe he was just saying stuff dont know,,,,,,, After my operation I woke up feeling so incredibly SICK, I told everyone something is wrong, they all just kept telling me its just the pain,, I told them NOWAY, THIS IS NOT PAIN, something is wrong im sick as hell Just waking up from surgery I had to go to the bathroom[[[First most times after intestinal surgerys your intestines rest up to 5 days before they start to move again]]],, but, I couldnt go to the bathroom, it would come outfinally on 2nd day I go to the bathroom and tons of BLOOD pours out of me, nurse dismiss this just dump it and left after 8x in the bathroom with blood coming out, I woke up 1 day later with 2 IVs giving me pure blood ,The nurse told me ""we have about 6 units of blood in our body you lost over 4, she told me I was on the egde of dieing from blood lost..when I woke the doctor came in to look at me, I asked him to go back in to fix me, he said " No that will just cause extra pain, will just keep filling you up with blood" and left.......I was done with this low life doctor[found out later this doctor has the most post operation issues in that hospital]]] Now to this day I have a very bad seizure problem because with the blood lost cause brain damage,,,, very bad siezure [it takes over a year to recover from 1 seizure for me, never mind mutiple............it can be BS life living with crohns and all it complications,, but these are,,the cards we have and we learn to live with this .
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