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Sickness on new pain killers..

My last post was about advice on new pain killers, after the post I went to GP and she prescribed Nefopam or Acupan.
The prescribed dose was 2, 3 times a day, after 1 I was drowsy and heaving.
When I took ONE again, same story, thought nausea could be down to illness though so I continued to take, next two times drowsiness and actual sickness. Stopped taking it today and no sickness today.

Has anyone else had this painkiller or reaction baring in mind I was taking 1/6th of the max dose?

Too much of a coincidence that you feel sick everytime... I know i've suggested it before, but see if you can get your hands on a lil bit of pot, way healthier than pain killers and also treats inflamation in crohns! Goodluck holly, hope you feel better soon love, merry Xmas