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Side effect of budesonide?

I've been taking 3 tablets for about 3 weeks now and generally feel much better. No abdominal pain or bloating, no achey joints and not half as tired. However, when I first wake up I have pain in my chest, ribs and back. It eases throughout the day but I do feel thirsty all the time. Is this normal? Thanks!
Don't know what that drug is, but as a ten I was put on an antibiotic that have me all over chest pain, deep in the muscles it felt like.

Meds can do some strange things.
How are you blood sugars? I've had issues with blood sugars when taking steroids.. I'm not sure if it would cause it, but a symptom of diabetes is that you're thirsty all the time. So I'm not sure if the steroid could trigger something like that. But it's a thought?