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Side effects from hydrocortisone enema

Has anyone else here had really negative side effects from a hydrocortisone enema? I stared a round last Sunday, and by Wednesday noticed a feeling of anxiety and shortness of breath. I thought it may just be my anemia, but by the following day, I started waking up really early, and last night couldn't fall asleep at all (despite the anemia wearing me out the past few weeks).

I think I'm gonna hold off on anymore until I talk to me GI, but this is the worst reaction I've had to a cortisteroid yet. Am I just becoming more sensitive to things as I get older?


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I've never been given them.
How is your stress these days?
Is this level of anxiety unusual for you?

I have clinically diagnosed anxiety and depression; these things are pretty common when I get stressed.

It may not be the meds at all. But definitely talk to the doctor about it.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too, and that the enema made everything seem 100x worse. I had a bout of depression / anxiety in 2013, and after having a serious think about it, realizes my physical symptoms were nearly the same (restlessness, insomnia, no appetite, etc.). Saw a doc yesterday about it to see if I could restart the lexapro, and I'm already feeling better.
I have been on corticosteroid enemas in the past and every corticosteroid I have ever been on has affected my mood, sleep cycle, eating habits, etc., especially the enemas because they were absorbed so quickly! I would definitely let your doc know your symptoms to see if they are anything out of the norm, and if you get to a point when the side effects are more than you want to handle let your doc know and see if there is something else! Good luck!
none of these side effects for me. I think it worked a bit on the ulcer in my sigmoid but whatever it is mixed with is irritating my system in general so i cant do more. It makes me have pain the next bm. But a gas type pain rather than an ulcer type pain.

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