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Side effects of Cipro?

Had to be on Cipro (one they treat for Anthrax) for 7 days, for bladder infection and thought I would be dead by day 7. Told doc NEVER to put me on it again. I thought the pain and belly swelling may be from infection and asked (after 2 days) if this was normal and nurse said it may be worse before you get better. Okay, so sucked it up for the weekend, and by Tuesday (last dose) I was swollen as a 6 mos pregnancy, chills/fever, cramps, pain and not usual bm. Within a few days thereafter, daily D, pain at night, continued swelling and discomfort. I read that this antibioitic can cause D for up to 2 mos after dose. Quite uncomfortable and hoping this will not trigger the Crohns return.

I started back on probiotics, increased Vit D dose and wondering what else may help ease this. Anyone else had similar experience?


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My son had an allergic reaction to Cipro. Before he was diagnosed with Crohns, and after a multitude of tests, etc., his GP put him on Cipro (I think, primarily, because she didn't know what else to try!).

After only two pills (two doses), he began to feel unwell, itchy all over and then broke out in hives. Not sure how much of the 'unwell' came from the Cipro or from the undiagnosed Crohns and, as he already had D, not sure if the Cipro made that worse...

He stopped the Cipro, took Benadryl and that alleviated his Cipro side effects.
I have taken Cipro A LOT for issues with abcesses and never had any problems. Most side effects from Cipro are after a prolonged period of use. Sounds like you are alergic and shouldnt take it -- those symptoms do not seem normal. There are other medications to treat bladder infections -- you should talk to your doctor about switching.

I agree it sounds like you are allergic.

I have been told it can cause joint damage with long use.

I have used them to treat my CD, with some good results. I end up with solid stools, rather than the D, as well as some loss of manual dexterity (side effect).

Otherwise, I get decent systematic relief from the medication.

Good luck!
Thanks. I googled it and found out D can last up to two months after taking it. I agree that it is probably an allergic reaction of some form to it. Told doc to note in file that I should never take it. Now trying to figure out how to alleviate stomach distress. Thanks for the comments.