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Side Effects

My son(21) started enyvio and will be taking 3 treatment next week, Too early to say anything but we think is working exept possible side effect COUGH. He try cough medicine,herbs, inhalators and nothing works!!! Did anybody experience that and what will help. Pls and Tx
I am only a few days past my first infusion, but so far no cough. Upper respiratory illness is a common side effect, though. Would recommend visiting a GP if it persists and nothing helps.

I always find a teaspoon of honey or tea with honey to be soothing when I have a cough/sore throat.
After 4 treatments we had to stop completly entyvio. The cough got so bad and nobody knew how to controll or minimize. Did visit every possible specialist. After 2 months without entyvio cough eaze up and we did start infusion's again. Now we are on 6 treatment and no cough, just minimal.
The other side effect: hair thinning
knee swelling and pain
So far ok, just did all tests and going to see GI in few days