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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had a sigmoidoscopy? I am meeting with a surgeon next week and he has ordered this test with no sedation, I’m extremely worried about having this test done with no sedation since Iam recovering from a blockage. Any experience with this test?
thank you in advance

Lynda Lynda

I had a sigmoidoscopy in 1997. It was painless. I just lay on my side while the doctor scopes just the sigmoid colon area only. He could look at a screen while he was scoping. Of course that was a long time ago.

Lady Organic

Staff member
No sedation needed for the short scope. I've done it at least over 30 times and began my crohn's journey this way in the early 2000's. Sometimes no pain, but usually, yes it can be painful, but its nothing like the pain we can get with a long scope having to pass through those 90 degree angles! Breath well and ask dr to slow down if needed. always best to avoid drugs and chemicals when possible. Bonus is you can fallow the action on the tv screen during the exam, I find this interesting and informative. Hoping you will do well:)