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Sinus horseshoe perianal Abscess–GI wants to start Humira

Sinus horseshoe perianal Abscess–GI wants to start Humira

I developed an perianal abscess in April 2014, which was drained under local anesthesia.
I started to feel pain inside my anus again on December 13, 2015 and I went to ER. A CT scan was performed and I had a EUA, abscess drained and seton placed. I was still in pain after surgery which became unbearable after 3 days. I went again at ER, another CT was performed and was told that abscess got bigger and was not drained completely the first time. Another surgery was performed to drain it.

I had an appointment with colorectal surgeon that did my first surgery and he explained that the abscess initially was drained but was created on the other side around rectal area. I did not have a fistula but a sinus horseshoe perianal abscess.

I was diagnosed with UC in 2009 and I think I am doing well on Mezavant and following a low carb diet. GI recommended I start Humira . He said that I might have Chron-colities which causes the abscess. My symptoms are under control ( I think), and I am wondering if is worth it to start Humira only to clean and avoid another horseshoe perianal absecc in the future.

Did anyone was in a similar situation? Any comment?