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Sir Fart-a-Lot

Ia m currently on Questran in an effort to get my Crohn's induced diarrhea under controll. That has more or less worked, and my poop is forming up much better I love the talks we can have on this forum :ylol2:).

But it has the side effect that at night I have become Sir Fart-a-lot, so much so that last the stench drove the lady I love from our bedroom. Found her sleeping on the couch this morning, and that simply won't do, even if it was my first full night of sleep sicne I started a Prednisone cure 2 weeks ago :)

So should I go to the pharmacy and get something that will kill these nights of flatulence? Or consult with a doctor first?

Ia m on Questran and Prednisone (scheduled to start on Ventyvio in may.
Digestive Enzymes, eating Paleo LowFodmap, and cooked veggies has helped my "fart-a-lot" problems! I know, life sucks sometimes, but it smells a lot better!