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Skidmarks in toilet bowl?

Hey guys. I recently noticed that my BM's have been leaving skidmarks in the toilet. My BM's are semi-solid, but for some reason they leave skidmars.
If I flush twice it usually goeas away. Is there some sort of malabsorption problem or is something else?
Any ideas?
Use a toilet brush? For some reason semi solid bms are the worst for leaving skids, D is watery enough that it cleans on the first flush, solids are hard enough not to 'splat' on the bowl. I am not sure about the malabsorption- would be interesting to find out as I am pretty sure I have this. But like I said, at home I resign myself to brushing. In publuc, I am lucky in that I am quite regular and can normally go at home, but if I do have to go elsewhere a sheet or two of tp strategically placed can stop skids and help to muffle noise.

PS you know you're a Crohnie when... you find yourself discussing skid marks with a complete stranger!
Lol drop some toilet paper into the bowl first before ya go
seems to stop the skiddies

works well when ya visiting someone an gotta use there loo
Wow, that is something I never thought about. You are right, the semi's are a lot messier than the others. Except when you splash and it goes all over the back of the toilet. Ugh.

My Butt Hurts

I agree with Rob, we do that in the toilet in our camper.
As for the reason it's happening (and this is only a guess, but it makes sense if I can figure out how to explain it) -
When my kids go poop, they go completely, and rarely have to wipe more than once. Usually when they wipe the first time, there isn't even anything there. Poop is covered with a thin layer of mucous, which helps it slide out. It also acts as a lubricating barrier kind of - and that helps eliminate the mess.
If you have to wipe more than that, you may not be going completely, or your mucous may be more mixed in rather than on the outside, adding to the skidmark factor. OR - if you don't have floaters, that could add to it too. Also, I think the softer the consistency, the mushier and more skid prone your poops are.
Wow - poop science. That was fun.
(LOL! I just read that to my husband for kicks!)