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Skin Lesions?

Just a quick question...does anyone know anything about genital skin lesions related to CD? Painful, flattish areas that could almost be blisters that have popped? Please help :(
Kimberlie, thanks, I've already looked that up. What I've got doesn't seem to fit that description, but due to location and timing seems to fit with CD?

Came away from the doc's tonight feeling particularly grubby/unclean. It seems that no matter how clean I keep myself (and god knows, 'fastidious' could have been invented for me), every little splash of poo is so acidic that it's causing me problems, no matter how quickly I clean myself up.

Currently the proud owner of at least 12 lesions (ranging from tiny to 1 inch in diameter) which are painful and itchy. At least 5 of them are infected, so now have high dose antibiotics. Bad enough that my bum's affected, but my lady parts are involved. Currently feel like my knickers are full of broken glass (TMI?)

Probably more down tonight about CD than I've been in 5 years. Cried my heart out at the docs, and then again when I got home (god love my husband, who dealt with me breaking my heart as I asked him why on earth he'd want to touch me as right now, I find myself disgusting).

Not a good day.


ele mental leprechaun
Sparky things will get better honey... my heart really really goes out to you at the minute..

I was diagnosed with something called Hidradenitis Suppurativa this year and have put up with severe boils and abcesses for many years. Some have needed surgical drainage and all I ever was told was I must be diabetic but never turned out the case.

Now I know this condition is linked to crohns and I have the right treatment for it along with the remicade helping me too on that front.

It is very soul destroying and disheartening trying to cope with huge body image problems on top of crohns and you most certainly are not alone honey please please believe me!

We are here to listen for both of you so dont hide from us - keep posting and take each day as it comes for now ok?

Huge leprechaun ((((hugs)))) coming your way.


Yeah I've got pyoderma gangrenosum as well although it seems to have gone away over the past couple of years. Still got some ugly scars on my legs from it though.


I noticed that it really only acted up when my crohn's was flairing but when it got really bad I saw a dermatologist and he gave me a whole box of samples for a cream called Vanos (flucinonide) and it slowly but surely made it go away.
OUCH sparky, that sounds so painful ((HUGS)), have you tried bathing with epsom salts? It won't sting because it differs from table salt, it can be quite soothing and even healing...after a sitz bath, pat-dry the area until it's completely dry and then gently rub some extra virgine olive oil on the leisions...I know it sounds nuts, but believe me there is great soothing and healing properties to extra virgine olive oil, I use it as a full body and hair moisturizer everyday and it helped clear up itchy skin irritations that I had here and there, mostly on my ankles.

Do be sure to get into to see your doc about this though.

Feel better soon :)
Thanks for your replies :) I was very down last night, and very self absorbed. Perspective is back in place today (and the antibiotics have started to do their thing, so I'm feeling better physically).

That's the first time in 5 years that I've felt physically repulsive. My body image has taken a hit at times, but I've never felt as revolted by my own body as I did last night. I've dealt with the embarassing rushing to the loo, the loud stomach noises at inappropriate moments, the hideous wind, etc - but the idea of there being effectively burned areas of skin due to D just threw me for a loop.

Anyway - onwards and upwards :)