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Skin Rash?

My son is taking 6mp/Allipurinol and hasn't had a change of meds, he is in remission atm. We are seeing our GP tomorrow but I wanted to ask if you guys had seen this type of rash before, I'm not sure if it is something he's picked up at school or whether it is Crohn's related.

His skin is quite dry at the moment, and last week I noticed two small reddish round patches on his face, I thought it was the remnants of sunburn, he now has circular marks on his inner thigh and arm, and his ear is crusty too. The marks are roundish, dry and crusty/rough and itchy - I thought it was ringworm but I can't see the definate ring.

His shoulders are red and dry also. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks !


My son gets these all the time. Dermatologist said it was possibly a type of psoriasis related to Crohns. The best cream we have is called Fucibet which clears them up within a few days. Also important to moisturise once they start going away, we use one the GP recommended called Ultrabase


It looks like Eczema or Psoriasis to me. I get it too. Sometimes my dermatologist gives me hydrocortisone creams, but otherwise I use moisturizers and maybe tea tree oil to treat it.
Agree with eczema or psoriasis. I'd get it checked out though just to be sure.

My non-IBDer gets eczema in the winter months here. He just drinks extra water and slather him with lotion every day twice a day.
Yes identical to Grace's eczema. I find if I can treat it right at the dry skin stage that it leaves quickly but if it turns silvery or weeps/crusty that is steroid creams to make it go away.
Hmmmmm, since treatment she doesn't get it that much.:hug:
I would think eczema, too. My son suffers bradly.. The best treatment is Cerave lotion and wash. It is expensive, but so worth it. It is located at Walmart with the facial creams and such.
Thank you so much! He has never really had skin issues before, so I would think this would be related to his Crohn's. Are skin issues common with IBD?