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Skin Sensitivity with Aza

I'm 5 months into Azathioprine, 200mg per day. Initial problems of sore joints and extreme fatigue are gone, and I seem to be tolerating the medicine well. However, in the last several months I have noticed my skin is sensitive, especially on my torso from my waist to my neck -- almost like a mild sunburn, but with no redness or irritation that I can see, no rash, no other problems. Has anyone else had this?
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Hi toml99,

my skin became very light sensitive when i was on azathioprine. I am of an Indian origin and never burn in the sun. Now i wear a factor 50!

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I don't actually have a sunburn -- in fact I have no sun exposure at all on my torso. It just feels like a sunburn, that's the best description I can give.
Have you showed your nurse or doc the sensitive area? I just wonder what they would suggest? With some of the drugs we take there can be many different skin based reactions, so it could be good to share with them.