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Skin tags

my daughter has crohn's disease. She's had some Butt pain laely and she says her belly is "big". This comes and goes bu last week she had the worst butt pain ever. She cried for 2 days I tried everything baths hemeroid cream and wipes a prescription cream the Dr. gave us when she was having butt pain from gas etc.She said there was "something stuck in her butt" an "it hurts so bad". She is dissabled and her communication can be limited as to what she's feeling. She asked me to check it and what I saw were 2 skin tags. After a few days she wasn't complaining bu I called her GI Dr. and we have an appointment tomorrow. Does anyone have experience with skin tags? What questions should I ask and does this mean it's a flare up of the crohn's. What tests will help us know? She's also had some other strange things going on. She tells me sometimes her hands and or feet are very itchy she gets frantic about it and I rub them it will finally go away after 30-40 minutes. When her butt was hurting so bad last week she said her hand was "burning" really bad she cried for 40 minutes till it eased up. She ha sso many health issues I never know what to blame any symptoms on. Are these things worth mentioning to the GI dr.? She has 3 autoimune diseases, a history of strokes, and own syndrome. Bladder and other GI issues. Any help or advice is welcome. Thank you in advance...
Mary G
Thank you Alison... She's been through a lot in her life. One more thing I'vve seen lately and wondered if it can be crohns related is her BM's have a LOT of food (sorry for TMI) She has cronic constipation due to a motility issue so we do a cecosomy flush wih Golyely through a mic-key button everyday. She's always had undigested food but it seems like more lately.
Let me preface this with... I'm not a doctor so check with one before taking my advice or anyone's. I also have been feeling some kind of hand and foot itching lately so that's the first thing I want to mention. It does seen to last about 30-60 minutes, that's odd. It has been happening to me for months. And I assume it's just dry air and my distraction from my normal routine of self care which includes soaking my feet and rubbing them with palmer's (a cocoa butter cream you can buy in a drugstore)... this usually hydrates my hands too. But lately I've been too focused on my diet and starting a new exercise routine to bother and have been having annoying maddening, crazymaking itching. It's not a rash yet, but I'm thinking to go back to my routine.

Second thing is, if I was having a lot of undigested food coming out, I'd be switching to protein shakes. The simplest of which is just almond milk with whey protein isolate and a banana, with fish oil capsules added or a tablespoon of fish oil added to the finished shake. There are also liquid multivitamins you can add to such shakes. And there are about a million recipes for them. I personally find the banana-blueberry (frozen is fine) based ones to be the easiest to digest and tolerate even if I'm nauseous. The protein can be anything from pea protein to egg white protein, whatever doesn't bother the tummy.

Especially since you mention strokes, I'd stick with the fish oil, and maybe look into MK-6, which is supposed to be like an OTC form of warfarin. I've been on warfarin before for blood clots and I wish I'd known about it back then. But to be a complete meal, some fat needs to be in there. Something fairly wholesome, not full of Omega-6 which can fuel inflammation. Maybe Olive Oil if you are too afraid to use a saturated fat like butter, coconut oil or red palm oil. I should mention that coconut oil has a feature that fuels the brain, but what effect it would have on a DS child, I really can't say.

Your child may actually enjoy the shakes, even if they are only part of the diet, that way only part of the diet needs to be actually physically digested. The rest is already mashed up by the blender. See what the doctor thinks and I wish you well.


A skin tag generally doesn't hurt, it's usually harmless. Any symptom out of the ordinary is worth mentioning to the docs. Sorry she is suffering :(
Hi, I'm so sorry to read about your dear daughter.
I know how hard it must be for you mom to watch your child like this.
You sound like your doing a great job and hope she finds relief soon

I second calling the GI. See if he/she suggest anything that might bring relief.

I looked up skin tags and found this wiki page we have.
Very interesting.


Hang in there mom and keep us updated.:hug:
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any weird unusual symptom is important to mention to the doctor, you can also start with the pharmacist if the doctor is hard to reach at first, they can be of some help. It could be a side effect of a drug your daughter is taking? skin rashes are very common in many drugs. About butt pain, could it be simply hemoroids? eating food that do not constipate for easier bowel movement and small stools could help at this moment, also avoiding prolonged sitting position that may put unwanted pressure on the butt...
good luck :smile:
I have a few skin tags, and though they aren't exactly painful, to me they are annoying. It's kind of like going around with something between your cheeks all the time. I frequently will sit on one leg, which somehow makes it feel a little more normal. Mine do usually subside somewhat when I'm not flaring.

I also have a few fistulas in that area, so your mileage may vary.

I don't want to scare you or anything, but butt pain can also be something more serious. I was first diagnosed with Crohn's 10 years ago because of some butt pain caused by an abscess that grew slowly in the butt region. I'm not saying your child has anything like that, but it's worth talking to a doctor I think.
Her butt pain has eased up. Belly still feels "full" The GI Dr. brought her in for an appointment. He checked her skin tags and they aren't inflamed or irritated looking. Her belly was a bit hard so he ordered an XRay. She has intestinal motility issues so she has a mic-key button to run golytely for a flush everyday. But there can still be an obstruction. Hopefully I'll get the results of that tomorrow. He also ordered some stool tests for infection, blood and white blood cells. I imagine the results of these should be done this week.
Hi , I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with skin tags. Let me tell you, I am experienced in this area. For a year (the year leading up to my wedding actually) I had the worst pain in my butt, I would cry/scream any time I would pass gas or have to go to the bathroom. I went to many doctors and they all thought it was hemmrhoids (this was when I was not diagnosed with crohns, they thought I had UC) Well I should have had a great time planning my wedding but instead I could not even walk because things hurt so bad. The doctors thought it was a good idea to lance the "hemmroid" and that was not the right choice, it hurt so so bad!! Anyways, I finally saw my GI doctor after having to come back early from my honeymoon(which was a cruise, so we had to fly out of mexico) they diagnosed me with crohns and put me on the medication flagyll. It helped alot alot but I still used some topical things that helped. I took many epsom salt baths, and I would poor raw apple cider vinegar on a tissue and placed it on the skin tags for a minute, then I rubbed coconut oil on it. That helped alot. Also ask your doctor about anal pram (it works great). I also used a homeopathic cream, just google huffman herbs morganton nc and you can order the natural hemmroid cream and it works great. I hope some of this helps. If it makes you feel better I barely dont have any pain down there now, the skin tags are there but I no longer have a fistula nor are they swollen anymore. There is hope!!