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Skipping days in a month to keep immune system on toes

My online friend whom suggested LDN a while back has told me that to keep her immune system up on its toes, she will alternate using LDN one night, and not the next for a few days each month.

I asked my doctor about this and he said that because its such a small amount prescribed, it really shouldn't be an issue and no damage to do this.

I recently feel like I've been coming onto a flare but when i alternated for two days, i feel like i'm getting a little better (plus upping other supplements).

Has anyone else found this work?


Can't say I've done this intentionally. I've certainly missed a dose from time to time (usually due to running out and not ordering a refill in time, or if I get home super late and manage to forget), but I haven't noticed any difference either way.