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Skipping days? (ldn)

I've been taking ldn since October with great results. (3ml for crohns) Everything was going really good until about a month ago. Ldn just stopped working. I settled on 3ml by trial and error. That's what seemed to work for me. Anyways, I'm desperately searching for the reason it stopped. My insides are a mess and hurting for the first time since I started ldn. I'm back to being exhausted all the time too. Being that nothing has changed, diet, extra stress ect, I'm at a loss for a reason why. The one thing I think might be happening is that I'm not "clearing" the ldn from my body between doses. Therefore not getting the rebound effect. (I take it right before bed, around 10pm) Does this make sense to anyone? I skipped last night and plan on taking it as usual tonight. If anyone has had it stop working and figured it out please chime it. I don't want to go through all this again. Especially after ldn has worked so good for me.
I am guessing it was compounded wrong, or they have gone 'stale' (mine start losing efficacy between 60-90 days and I store in refrigerator).

Also the 3m dose may not be enough. My logic is that if a 4.5 dose can begin to lose its ability to work, prior to just 90 days, a slightly lower dose is just not enough (at least for me).

If it were me, and I am not a doctor, I'd make sure my pills are made correctly/fresh, do the full 4.5 dose, and get the pills every 60 days until you are better again.
jimmy112405, this may clear things up

Dr. Zagon

However, when you take LDN over extended periods, some Naltrexone will accumulate in the system and this can become troublesome. It can perhaps even prevent LDN from working well. It seems a blockade lasting longer than about 6 hours may stop the LDN working and can even make it work in the opposite direction. This can be remedied by skipping a day – even two days in extreme cases but no more than that! This will help reduce the accumulated level of naltrexone. Much research is needed here and naltrexone residual level monitoring equipment would help too
By the way, I think that your actual LDN requirements depend on your weight. I have heard that vit D3 is important. What is your vit D3 lvl?

Maybe 25mg (half dose) + 25ml of water - I guess it will be fresher.
I haven't had my D3 checked. My last Dr was useless. New one checked thyroid, hormones, ect, but not D3. I do take a D3 supplemen though. I get the compounded liquid. Three days ago I switched pharmacies. I hope it was just a bad batch/bottle. I did take 1 day off. Haven't eaten much solid food the past week. Down 10lbs. I guess I'll know soon if the problem is solved. Either being bad batch or having to take a day off. Thanks for the replies. I'll post a update in a week or so.