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I am turning 70 next month and have been dealing with Crohn's disease since I was 23 years old. A few years ago I started on Humira and it helped to turn my life around. Unfortunately it only lasted about 5 years for me. I was then put on Entivio which also worked well for me. That also only lasted for about 5 years. I was put back on Humira as I hadn't built up antibodies to it but it only lasted about 8 months. The doctor wanted me to go on Stelara but the cost was way to much for me as I am on medicare and so no help financially for me. You would think once you are on medicare and a fixed income that there would be help. So I was then put on Skyrizi and I am so thankful for this drug. It has worked better for me than Entivio and Humira did. Plus thru My Abbvie Assist I get it for free. The only side effect I have had is having to go pee more often. I will take that over some of the other possible side effects.