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Sleep issues

I've found myself waking suddenly, a quick gasp and good to go. Or wake coughing. I just realized its been going on awhile and gradually getting more noticable. I also realized it all started after I went on Humira, coincidence? Anyone having sleep issues?


Staff member
Difficulty breathing is listed as one of the possible side effects but didn't see anything listed about sleep problems (not that I doubt its possible). I'd let your GI know about it at least and even your GP so they can work together to figure out the cause and hopefully fix the problem.
Definitely let your doc know. That could be serious. And shane, have you tried melatonin? Doesnt work for everyone but definitley helps me. You get in the supplement isle of any where. Its what your body naturally produces that makes you sleepy. It helps you fall asleep but not stay asleep. Which is good, you can take it even just for a nap. And you dont wake up feeling drugged and groggy. Hope both your problems improve :)