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Sleep requirements

How much sleep does everyone need in order to function normally?
I set my alarm for 8 hrs but usually my body needs 9! I wish I could function well on less like some others but I just can't.


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I seldom get more than 6 hours sleep per night. I would probably function better if I got more sleep but it just doesn't happen. I wake up right at 6 hours regardless of whether the alarm clock is set for 7, 8, or 9. It's been that way for years.


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Being retired we don't need an alarm call , and 9-10hrs is favourite for us.I never dreamt we'd sleep so long , as we were always up with the lark but in bed by 10pm.Also,since our much loved old dog died,we've nothing to get up early for.I feel really sorry for those of you who don't get the sleep hours they'd like.
i think they are finally abolishing the daylight savings, arent they? ...this year i heard, idk...

this is a hard one for me tho.......my routine is not regular so at times i will be wondering, is this fatigue? or just normal sort of catch up after working an extra long shift....

some days it just practically works out to naps rather than a long sleep.....and i can tell my digestion get confused not sure if i am getting up or going down...

i can go 3-4 day sort of cycles tho, sleeping more, then sleeping less.....working on balancing that better but still trying to find my new routines ;P


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I need 7 to 8 hours and sometimes more. For good sleep throw the alarm clocks into the garbage, I did that when I retired, and that made all the difference. The worst thing one can do to one's body is interupt the sleep cycle with an alarm clock. Mornings I set aside for personal time, lots of it to have a good breakfast, read the news, use the laptop and ease myself into the day. Afternoons get busy around here.
As I age (41 now), I've seen that my body needs less sleep; currently avout 7 hours if consistent is perfect. However, if I get less than say 6 hours, nearly instantly I experience a flare-up of my perianal abcess(es). At this point (22 years since diagnosis), sleep is the one and only thing that causes or stops flare ups, even though I have been on infliximab for 7 years-ish. A blessing and a curse, but with the Seton in place, then getting the flare up down is as simple as getting a good night's sleep.