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Sleep requirements

How much sleep does everyone need in order to function normally?
I set my alarm for 8 hrs but usually my body needs 9! I wish I could function well on less like some others but I just can't.
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I seldom get more than 6 hours sleep per night. I would probably function better if I got more sleep but it just doesn't happen. I wake up right at 6 hours regardless of whether the alarm clock is set for 7, 8, or 9. It's been that way for years.


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Being retired we don't need an alarm call , and 9-10hrs is favourite for us.I never dreamt we'd sleep so long , as we were always up with the lark but in bed by 10pm.Also,since our much loved old dog died,we've nothing to get up early for.I feel really sorry for those of you who don't get the sleep hours they'd like.
Dude, don’t listen to what others say. Each person is individual. Sleep time depends on many factors. For example, how much you get tired during the day, how old you are, even what you drink and eat is also very influential. But there is one factor that does not depend on you, these are dreams that dream of you. Do you often wake up because of nightmares? I recently encountered such a problem. I can’t sleep normally, although I felt that I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I have been looking for a solution to this problem in various forums for a long time. When I told my friend about this, he advised me to https://dreams-meaning.com/blog/flying-dream . I immediately contacted Amanda from this site. She told me everything about the individuality of the body, about how much sleep should be. She also told me how to get rid of nightmares, what they mean and what to do so that they do not reappear. I hope she helps you too, good luck!
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