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Sleeping on your side

hey guys n gals,just wondering if anyone has problems when sleeping on their side,i always go to bed and try to sleep on my back but i prefer on my side or my front but as soon as i move to my side or front i seem to feel BM and end up having to get up and go to the loo.
Frustrating is an understatement.....
I have the same problem some nights. When I had a barium meal many years ago they got me to lay on my right side as they told this helped the barium to pass round the gut more quickly so maybe that's part of the problem. Do you feel any different depending on which side you lay?


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Hi hainman. :) Does it matter if its your right or left side at all? If you lay on your side during the day do you still have the urge to go? First thought is there's a pressure issue. Could be inflammation going on adding more pressure. Another thought is that if it happens every night and you get used to it then it almost becomes a habit even if you don't really have to go yet there's obviously an underlying cause that started this issue to begin with.

For me I have this issue but with my bladder instead. I feel the urge to go when I lay on my side and I'm a side sleeper. This seems to also only happen to me at night. I can lay on my side during the day and there's no issue. Could be because I'm not trying to go to sleep, could be watching TV instead where my mind is occupied with something else so I don't notice it. For me I think there's an issue yet has also become a habit. It's been many months now and I've had a couple urinalysis tests done and recently had an ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys (I get the results tomorrow or later today, however you look at it, its almost 1:00am here).

Point with that is, let your GI know about it so you can figure out the exact cause so you can stop it in its tracks especially before it becomes a habit. We need our sleep so hopefully you can get this issue sorted soon. :)
I know I have more inlamation on my left side so when I sleep on it I get ore bm's if I sleep on my right it's better but I'm more comfortable on my left side due to my arthritis so it's a catch 22 for me
I could only lie on my right side when I was very poorly, not on my back and defiantly not on my left. It didn't make me feel like going to the loo, but the inflammation pressing on sensitive parts hurt a lot. As the inflammation has reduced I can lay anyway now, which helps a lot for cuddles in bed. Hope you get sorted soon. :)

Crabby I used to have terrible trouble with my bladder; I think it is common for people with IBD.
I used to get up to go in the night a lot and in the morning I would have what I called morning cystitis, literally dancing around cos I need to pee and dreadful burning, that went away slowly during the day. I found that taking cranberry extract tablets has all but eliminated it. I take one at night and one in the morning, no more dancing and no more interrupted sleep. Hope that helps.
Hi guys.i have raised the issue with the IBD nurse and she said it was normal for crohnie's
I seem to get it more on my right side but my inflamation or diseased area seems to be down near my tail end(anus) and due in for ANOTHER colonoscopy to determine if i need another op.Im thinking i should just get it done and be done with having the worry of going to pick my daughter up from school,going to the shops and generally leaving the house without keecking myself(scottish for shitting).....looks like its going to be another SHITTY Xmas for me....litteraly!!
Sorry for the moan,