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Slight flu 99.0 after imuran in 10 year old girl

My daughter was diagnosed with CD in 2017, she was put on Imuran after initial steroid dose.
She had been in remission since.
Her GI just increased her dose as she had gained weight due to normal growth.
Does Imuran after taking the pill after a few hours causes slight fatigue and flu like symptoms, which resolves itself ?
Please share your experience.
Hi, personally I don't have experience with this drug but I would think that increasing any drug might cause the body to react. The body probably needs to re-adjust to the new dosage and it might take a few days. Of course, contacting the pharmacist is always a good idea. They would be the best resource. And of course, it things don't change or get worse, the GI should be contacted. It sounds to me that it's just the body adapting to the higher dosage.


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My kiddo (who was also on Imuran) dealt with nausea after a dose increase but in her case, it went away after several weeks. It was a tough few weeks though. Hopefully it will resolve on its own permanently but I would let her GI know. They may want to do blood work to make sure she is tolerating the higher dose.