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Small bowel cleanse

:poo: Hi Ya'll,

Have had crohns for years without medical assist. Recently the stricture has become a problem, while not totally closed it is closed enough to block any solid poo. I asked my GI for a small bowel flush/cleanse but he had nothing to offer. Does anyone have possible solutions?:( :( :(


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Welcome to the forum!! Glad you found us.

My thought on this is that you need to address the stricture issues first otherwise you will have ongoing problems.

If you are having problems passing things then something gentle like apple juice should work. You only need 1-2 glasses a day. At the end of the day the actual "forming" of a stool is done in the large bowel. Could be you are having problems with inflammation and not just the stricture too. Certainly sounds like you need to have a check up and review of things. Has your GI suggested this to you?

You also might like to post in the My story section of the site so we can welcome you properly and get to know you a little better.

Welcome again. Looking forward to seeing you around.


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Welcome......I don't think the flush is going to solve your problems. Just like Soupdragon mentioned regarding the strictures. ...Were you wanting to try the flush for a specific reason? I was close to obstructed and it was horribly painful. Are you having any pain and vomiting?

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Welcome!!! I too read somewhere that flushing also gets rid of good stuff and hard on the bowels. Like it has been said, fluids are best, unless you are going for a colonscopy. Update us with your story, we could help more.
More information

I just had a colonoscopy and endoscopy.... colonoscopy with biopsies confirmed crohns, endoscopy was clean except for some stomach gastritis and polyp...no vomiting, no nausea, just some leftside fullness that the GI claims is due to buildup of poo in the small bowel....8 oz of Prune juice does wonders but it results in several watery movements but a return to fullness after some short period. It feels like an incomplete evacuation....cannot use laxatives, no fiber soluable or insoluable....also have IBS/IBD which further limits food intake....I thought someone would have come across a liquid which might act as a flush more than the prune juice....

Thanks for your help:voodoo: :voodoo: :voodoo:


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You are certainly not the first and wont be the last with IBS/IBD here thats for sure! LOL

Good to have the extra info and to see what they have discovered in your case.

Have they suggested any interaction or medication for you?

Unfortunately we dont always have the answers but it does help to rebound here and kick things round.

Hope things improve for you!!
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Gosh Phartologist, I imagine that must be a horrible feeling to have all that bloat and fullness....(I feel really silly calling you by your avatar, great name by the way:) )....Most doctors are hesitant to recommend flushes or bowel cleanses for healthy normal people, I can see why your GI would not have many suggestions.....Have they said anything about dilation of the stricture...I am not sure how common a procedure it is for the small bowel, but I think there was someone on here recently who had it done....I will see if i can find that thread....


How far into your small bowel is the stricture?
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