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Small bowel patchy Crohn's

Hi All,

My name is Jessica and I was diagnosed back in January 2017 after suffering since end of high school (about 7 years). My Crohn's has presented in the jejunum and the beginning and end of the ileum and when I was first diagnosed I had a fistula and abscesses. Initial treatment was Prednisone and antibiotics (cipro and flagyl) and then remicade and Imuran. After an unfortunate bout of c-diff. at the one year mark, I had pretty near reached remission on Remicade and Imuran so my GI took me off the Imuran. I then got a severe psoriasis reaction to the remicade and had to be taken off as no creams helped. I was switched to Entyvio and put on cyclosporine for the psoriasis. 6 months into being on Entyvio, they found a 3.5 cm stricture in my TI (which I was not surprised about as I was struggling with some constipation). I was not eating much raw veggies at all anyway other then some butter lettuce and cucumbers. I cut out all grains, dairy and gluten and that helped significantly however I still ended up in a flare due to the strain on my gut (jejenum and proximal ileum, above my stricture) and had to have an ng tube for a few days to help the obstruction pass. My biggest concern is that dairy and grains in particular back me up as well as a lot of meat. Therefore I am struggling with what to do for protein. I can tolerate fish and some chicken (though not a large amount) and that's about it. I can do eggs but no a lot as it also constipates and makes my psoriasis worse. I have been switched to Stelara and am waiting for it to fully kick in. I have switched to a new Gi who specializes in IBD and she does not want to do surgery on the terminal ileum stricture as it is so short but may be willing to do dilation once the stelara has kicked in and we know for sure its being effective as well as waiting to see if the jejunum and other area in the ileum will heal as right now they are narrowed and may also be permanent strictures (my scans have been inconclusive on this). I am confused about her saying that my TI one can be dilated as my previous GI said that due to its location it would be too risky. Thoughts and this as well as what I can do to increase my protein? I've avoided soy due to the lecthins and GMO debate and am pretty much doing a paleo diet but the fact that I can't do red meat or anything makes this tough. I already do smoothies with a gum and emulsifier free almond milk that is 5g of protein per serving (Elmhurst brand) as well as a tablespoon of hemp, flax or chia seeds in it (I have a vitamix so it grinds them up completely) but as I can't do more than a tablespoon of seeds in my smoothie that still doesn't give me a lot of protein. I also can't eat meat more than once a day so I am doing soup with bone broth for lunch and eating fish or chicken or ground turkey at supper.