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small bowel resection with active Crohns?

Hi there;

So I am supposed to get a small bowel resection surgery tomorrow for an stricture in the ileum at the site of a previous anastomosis.

The problem is that I just started Stelara (my first injection after the induction was a month ago) and I had a lot of stress these last two weeks.
I started to have loose stools about 10 days ago but I have been going downhill.

I don't know if its Crohns coming back or an intestinal bug....wishful thinking!!! I am afraid it is Crohns since I took a 20 mg Prednisone pill that I had left from the last time and it seems it is helping a lot.

So tomorrow I have the surgery to fix the anastomotic stricture.

Is it ok to have surgery if Crohns is active? Supposedly in my last colonoscopy 5 months ago everything was fine.
I am worried if they go in and I have inflamation everywhere...well I don't want to end up with an ileocecal valve resection or with another ileostomy.

By any chance does anyone around had this type of surgery done before?


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Make sure your surgeon and GI both know about the flare and the scheduled surgery and let them decide whether it is okay to proceed.

It's their job to know what is best in this situation.
Hi there!!!

I know, they are the ones....I spoke today with the surgeon, and he says, no problem!!! ....(well....being a surgeon!!!)....he just wants to do the surgery...(just joking!!)...at least I will be his first patient of the day, I insisted on that. And he is very bright, a very good surgeon. Hopefully he will go minimum access but with all the adhesions that I may have....we will see.

Once when I was the last patient of the day at 8.30 in one of my surgeries I literally "almost" died.....everything went bad...anesthesia...dehydrated....no blood pressure.....they cut one ureter....never ever again if I can avoid that. My GI is on vacation.

And although I know that should not be a factor.....I am already over my out of pocket this year, I will like to get rid of this thing the sooner the better. So I am hoping for the best. I feel ok so far.

I am REALLY fed up with all these surgeries, pain, painkillers, rehabilitation etc etc etc...I am really hoping that this will be the last one, at least for a long time.

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