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Small Bowel Resection

I have been fighting crohns since 2009, i have had two surgeries both to remove strictures in the small bowel, i am wondering if anyone had to deal with small bowel resection and looking for any tips for after care. My first surgery had about 18 inches of small bowel removed and the second one about 12 inches. I am currently recovering from the second resection. I have been told that i have about 2 meters of small bowel left, i would like to know if 2 meters of small bowel is too short short, will that result in short bowel syndrome ? and what issues to watch-out for after this surgery.

Appreciate any help or if you could share your thoughts.

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If your intestine is 6 meters long then having only 2 meters means 2/3 (66% ) is no longer there .
Talk with your Gi about the length of your specific small intestine
And how much was removed from where and what will be left .
Watch out for malnutrition especially anaemia and b12 deficiency. Prevent with supplements you can digest easily- Better You in the UK do an iron oral spray, floradix do a liquid iron supplement. Garden of life do a B12 spray.
Thanks for your messages. I was advised that the length of small bowel can vary, being a small person i might have started with a shorter than average but it is a good point i will have to talk to the GI/Surgeon.

Update -
Having done some research, it appears the average 6 meters is not applicable for every one, it can change from person to person widely. Here is some research paper on the length of small bowel. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11695-019-04238-z.
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