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Small Lump LRQ

Hi All,

Quick question. In the last few days, I've noticed a small lump in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen, right about at my underwear line and in a few inches from my pelvis. It's also right at one of the worst sources of my abdominal pain (the other being in roughly the same spot on my lower left quadrant). I first noticed it after the enema prep for my flex. sig. spurred that pain on. I noticed it again after the pain seemed to be aggravated by the flex sig itself - it became pretty excruciating right about when they pumped the air in.

The lump itself is very small. I'd equate it to a ball bearing. I'm not always able to locate it, though I can generally pinpoint about where it should be. Even when it isn't there, my muscle always seems pretty taut at that point which may or may not be anatomically normal. I don't know. Oh, also, I noticed that if I'm laying down when the pain strikes, I can sort of trace that tautness in an arc an inch or two wide and running roughly parallel to my pelvis for ~4 inches.

Does this sound familiar to anyone here? I'm still going through this aggravating diagnostic process again, so don't even know which body system to blame. I used to think that pain was ovarian, but it seems correlated to when I eat or have bowel movements, and the sonograms I had many moons ago (at least 5 years) never showed anything abnormal there.

I'll call my doctor about it today during office hours either way, but just wondered if it rings a bell for anyone.
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Nurse said the GI thought it might be due to inflammation in the ileum. That coupled with the fact that a lactose free diet and welchol have yet to have any effect led them to schedule a pill cam for me the week after next. I'm glad. Just hope it shows something diagnostically! I'm tired of being told everything looks normal when what I'm experiencing is so abnormal.
Ho hum. I'm on large BM #4 since I got to work 2 hours ago. This isn't exactly conducive to productivity. Also, yeah, Welchol SO isn't working to decrease my frequency.