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Smoking and pregnancy

I have been smoking since I was 16. In my family, it never was a problem and my parents never punished me for it but I always know that it harms my health. I always tried to quit but it wasn't successful. My boyfriend always helps me to make my lifestyle healthier and it is right he loves me and wants the best. I do not take seriously I was sure that I will quit if I want. But now I am pregnant. So it time to make changes for our future child. I have read a lot of articles and blogs about how to quit easier and not to make harm to my pregnancy. I found out on Vapingdaily. com that it is possible to vape during pregnancy but I don't believe it for sure. Maybe somebody here has the same experience and can give me a piece of advice. I will wait for your answer with hope and thank you.
Hi there!

Congrats on your pregnancy. I used to work for a large vaping specialist here in the UK. The advice any reputable vaping company would give you is that of course it would be better to not consume any nicotine at all, and they would also advise speaking to your midwife or doctor for further advice.

Vaping has been accepted as up to 95% safer or 100 times safer than smoking tobacco by several large bodies here such as Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians. We don’t know the long term risks that goes without saying, however it’s generally accepted that the risks aren’t comparable to smoking tobacco.

It’s 100% your decision, but if you really can’t quit cold turkey then if I was in your situation I would be giving it serious thought. The beauty of vaping as well is you can cut down your dependency quite quickly so you may only need to do it for a short time gradually reducing the strength of liquid until you can vape nicotine free at which point it’s basically a crutch and purely a psychological habit.

Speak to your healthcare provider and see how they feel about it, they may well have other methods that could help you which are proven to be safe with pregnancy.

Good luck!