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So completely annoyed with my GI!

Sorry I need to vent:
I saw my GI in March, everything was great, at the time I didn’t realize that my Cholestrymine prescription did not have enough repeats to make my October appointment. Since the end of May I have been trying to get ahold of his assistant to get repeats for this prescription. He will not validate a pharmacy order without seeing me. So last week I emailed again, the assistant finally replies yesterday and says I have to come pick it up at the office. I reply fine all be there tomorrow what is a good time? Then go book a sick day with my boss.

It is an hour plus drive to his office from my home. So now, I am burning gas, a sick day, I have to pay upwards of $28 to park in order to get a repeat that he should already know he needs to represcripe as I have been on this med for years.

I get home to another email, he is away, you can come next Monday😡🤬😡🤬

Why could she have not told me that in the first place, and it is okay for me to do without until then? I gave ample time to get in there, but she burned all that time when I still had meds not answering me.🤬🤬🤬
So sorry you had to go through all that. My GI is good with getting back to me. But when I have anything I feel is more pressing I contact my surgeon. I have more confidence in him. 🌹🌹
I’ve also this impression GI don’t even think we have lifes, jobs, friends, relations outside crohn’s disease management....
Getting answer from them outside appointments is always difficult, if they are late or change your plan last minute, they dont care...
It’s crazy the time we waste in appointments never on time, injections, commuting, sending emails, do exams, ask for prescriptions, buy medications...
Not really my GI, it is his medical assistant that is giving me the run around. I called my GP and told her the story, she not only wrote me the prescription, she gave me enough to cover me till I go back to my GI in October.😊
It really helps to have a good general practitioner as a backup. I'm fortunate that mine has gotten me over a few rough spots while waiting to see the GI.
To add an ironic twist to the fact I was considering finding a GI closer to home, I received a letter in the mail informing me that he is retiring and I can go with one of his colleagues or get my GP to refer me to someone else.