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So confused

I've been struggling with arthritis for 6 years now Every doctor I have seen was sure I had RA and the test always come back negative. Well a week ago Sunday I went to the ER thinking I was having gallstones I was having tremendous pain in my upper right abdomen and everything I eat or drank hurt and ran right through me at the ER I developed horrible bloody stool after a CT and them seeing my colon was enlarged they admitted me for test, hydration and pain management. After a few days they did a colonoscopy after the colonoscopy they felt that I had either Crohn's disease or colitis. I got my pathology results yesterday and they came back inconclusive. the doctor told me this doesn't mean I don't have Crohn's and it doesn't mean I do have Crohn's. So I'm so unsure if this is normal with these kinds of diseases or there's just something wrong with me.


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Hi mudlife and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear about your recent struggles :(

It sounds like you had a rather sudden onset of abdominal issues, do I interpret that correctly? With that, and your inconclusive pathology results, while it could be IBD, I am hopeful that it is not.

Have they told you what the next step is yet?

All my best to you.