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So far, so good...

Am feeling fairly positive at the moment..
Surveillance colonoscopy a few months ago had normal appearance and histology. And the eye dr today thought all is well, and doesn't need to review for a couple of years unless there's a problem..
YESSS!! :)
Pretty much symptom free - GIT and eyes are very quiet. The eyes seem to follow the gut - if it's quiet, so are they!
Still get grumbling SI and costochondral joints, but sustained release simple analgesics at night plus Voltaren gel used regularly seem to give reasonable maintenance pain relief. Given that the abdominal side of things is under control, I'm reluctant to use anything further up the treatment scale that would of necessity come with greater side effects.
I'm officially on 3gm of Sulfasalazine daily, with permission to cut it back to 2gm/day. Think I'll take that very slowly.. Am a great believer in "if it ain't broken don't fix it"!!
I also take probiotics, fish oil, VitD, Ca and Mg...subjectively I think the probiotics and VitD make a significant contribution