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So frustrated and I don't want to eat

I'm currently 31 years old and had my first miscarriage last year around 8 1/2 weeks, and recently this last month at 5 1/2 weeks. I'm currently on Humira and 6 MP and they have been working fine for the most part but the last 6 months I've been taking Integra because my iron was at about a 10 and now have another colonoscopy scheduled for later this week. Due to the miscarriage my iron has dropped to 8.9 which transfusions start happening at 7 so that sucks. I can't really eat anything currently without having moderate diarrhea without obvious blood but it's mostly intense belly pain right above the belly button. If I don't eat currently, I feel fine, great even because I have more energy which I know is obviously not sustainable. I tried to drink an ensure but immediately belly pain and the urge to go to the bathroom returned. Does anyone have any suggestions for something as close to nothing but getting enough nutrients?
You said you have pain above the belly button. Have you been checked for a hiatal hernia or an umbilical hernia?
I have my colonoscopy this thursday so I guess I can ask them to check then? But the pain is only when I eat, not constant.
I also had the same problem a tiny sip of water would have me in tears and on my knees from the pain from what the doctor explained to me is that this is one of the symptoms of crohns