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So frustrated!

So I finally got my butt stitches, from proctocolectomy, out and there was a 3-4 inch area that had opened up so the surgeon packed it with gauze and I have to change it out daily...
Ahhhhhh! I've been hurting and uncomfortable for so long! I know there will be light at the end of the tunnel but this is one long ass tunnel.

How exactly am I suppose to do this gauze thing and how long does it take for these things to heal? Questions I should have asked the doc but didn't think about. I'm so ready for this to be over.
Your mind is attached to your intestines in so many ways doctors dont even know. I suggest you take up meditation and heal your mind and your body. When healed up I hope you feel great:thumleft:
Not to make you feel any worse but I've been having a perianal sinus packed from my total proctocolectomy in june. I hope yours isn't as long. I have. One packed by nurses and I have aquacel not gauze....better healing properties apparently.

I wish you all the luck.

Have they told you how often you have to do it .

A doctor generally wont be able to tell how long it can take
sorry .I had that op 4th time in 4 years last march 2012 .6 weeks doing well.then opened up up still being packed every day .HOPE U DO BETTER SORRY NOT SAYING MUCH NOT WELL
:ghug:Hi Jenna,
Me too. Had op in August, both wounds not healing well, butt still being packed every 2nd day. Will it ever end. Every time it looks like its healing well it springs another leak. You are not alone.:ghug: