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So i had my small bowel enema !!! ouch

so i had my small bowel enema !!! ouch

well i had my mall bowel enema today , it defo confirmed to me that my pain is in my small bowel as when the barium went in the pain was incredible ouchhhhh , but they were all very nice and she had a good look in that area too , the barium image seamed fuzzy in that bit ?? anyone else have pain during this test ?? xx results in january looonnnggg time to wait xx :sign0085:


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Hi Fosterschick, I haven't had that test myself but it sounds very unpleasant. How come they're making you wait so long for the results? That test is a series of x-rays, right? If so, I would think they could just have your doc look at them and then give you the results, it's puzzling to me that they're making you wait until January. At any rate, I wish you luck and I hope this can help pinpoint a diagnosis for you! Good luck!
thanks cat a tonic xx heaven knows , it doesnt help that my consultant is part of a research group and all tests ect are locked to his dept !! how are things for you xx


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I'm well, thank you. My illness is in remission so I certainly can't complain! I'm still undiagnosed, but my GI feels it's IBD and treated me with Entocort and now I'm on Asacol and doing really well.

I hope you can get those test results soon. What kind of research is your doctor doing? Is it in relation to IBD or undiagnosed people? If so, I hope that works out to your advantage!

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Hi fosters :)

Are you referring to a fluoroscopy ? Where they send a blue dye through your intestines via enema ? If so, those results can be read pretty much immediately.
Too bad all your stuff is "locked up" with the research dept! :/

Best of luck to you ;)
hi crohns mom im sure test is very similar but its barium that they put in intestines via a tube in throat ?? and take xray pics , nothing is imediate in the uk hahaha , normally its two weeks then t docs can read it but because my consultant is a research consultant my results are locked to him only , i can request them which i will do in two weeks , thanks for the reply xx

cat a tonic , my general doc thinks it crohns , but the consultant is lazy and jumped to ibs even though i have markers to suggest otherwise , eg blood results , blood in dia, weight loss, localised pain , and long term 'flare' as my gp calls it ( rather than a few intense and awful days for true ibs ) so glad you are in remission now ,t undiagnosed bit is so hard isnt it xx


I know what you mean about the pain! Every time I have had a test where I have to drink barium, my pain skyrockets when it hits my small bowel and where my pain is located. I hate it. :( I hope your test shows something! My small bowel follow through didn't show anything even though I was crying because of the pain the test caused. >.<
hi allie in wonder , how are u doing ? i notice you are on tramadol for pain , do i find it block you up ?? i have asked for some stronger relif just over the xmas time and im finding this codine stuff is blocking me already , im glad (in a way ) someone else felt pain as the radiologist said most peaple jus find the tube uncomfy but for me the proceedure replicated my pain in the exact place ...oucchhh , my notes have been recorded and just waiting to be verified , mind they will probebely be clear and like you will stay in this loop for longer still ........xxx


I'm doing alright, just taking it one day at a time. :) I do use tramadol regularly, and yes, it does block me up as well. You can't take it 24/7, because then you will never go! I do not take my tramadol at night (causes insomnia), so I generally still go once a day. You have to always be watching out and making sure everything is OK though!
looks like its a double edged sword , just want to get some pain relief at this time think i will do as doc said and up my movicol while taking them xx thanks love , lets hope we both get a diagnosis soon , wasnt u at the docs today ?? x
ahh bless you im not suprised , keep us all posted i will look out for it and i have my fingers crossed that you get a diagnosis or some further clues ( sounds awful hoping someone is ill but you know what i mean !!!) xxx:goodluck: