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So I started a blog? LDN and Paleo Autoimmune.

So I started a blog? Questioning this because I wasn't really planning on it but it seems to be a really effective way to keep myself accountable.

Basically just a food and medication diary because I am starting the Paleo Autoimmune protocol and LDN as of today.

I'm not really publizicing it outside of friends and family but it occured to me that some folks around here might be interested in letting me play guinea pig.

So feel free to follow along and maybe something I'm doing over the next few months will be informative. I have an inate talent for screwing up so hopefully we can all learn from my mistakes :tongue:


** This might make more sense in the LDN forum? Wasn't sure.
I will follow your progress. E is on a similar diet and doing great. I printed off the study on LDN and gave it to his GI at his last appointment and he said he would look at it. We'll see if he is willing to try it!
Awesome :)

Well it's only been one day but my fingers are a lot less arthritic than usuall. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come.
Awesome! I followed you :) I'm wishing you the best of luck...I've had great results with LDN and Paleo. I have a blog on Wordpress too...www.thepaleonurse.com/blog. I have recipes once in awhile, but I mostly just talk about my experiences and include some info articles too.
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Thanks, Adam!

I remember reading some of your posts here when I was starting to contemplate all this. It's certainly good to know that there's other people out there that have come to the same conclusions I have.

Day 5 and some real improvements starting to take shape! High hopes.
Neat sight! I'll be following along also. Best of luck, hope it works out.

I've been eating paleo for a number of years up to this point. The diet helped my condition greatly. As I've found, at one point the paleo diet more or less solved my gut IBD (I have microscopic colitis.) I stopped being ill. Then I messed up, and began adding new foods and became ill once again. There for awhile, became quite ill at times. I've re-examined the diet and since doing so seem to be doing better of late. With a little luck I'll get this thing figured out in the next year or so.
Then I messed up, and began adding new foods and became ill once again. There for awhile, became quite ill at times. I've re-examined the diet and since doing so seem to be doing better of late. With a little luck I'll get this thing figured out in the next year or so.

I agree with Trevor. I would love to know what you added back that caused problems. Just so we can keep a close eye on that.
Good question, one that I'm working to try and sort out. At one time, I had a very limited diet where I was able to be well for around 4 to 5 months. I actually recorded the foods eaten at the time in a journal. Manly for protein I was eating fish - salmon and tuna. (Yuck! Good to be well, not so good on the taste buds.) Not strictly paleo but dairy products such as cheese and yogurt where also commonly eaten on the diet. I would also eat oranges, spinach, some nuts, chocolate, along with a few other foods. On the diet, while pretty much well most days to the gut, I never felt fully recovered. Figured with what I've gone through, that will take time. I've read of some with celiac disease, once diagnoses, mentioning that it took them 2 years to feel recovered.

New food added, well there have been a number - spices, beef, pork, bird foods such as eggs, turkey chicken, sweet potatoes. I'm sure there are a few I've left out. I stopped the detailed food journal awhile ago. Just coming off a few elimination testings, a month long avoidance of beef and pork along with avoiding spices for 4 months. No luck. I'm onto avoiding bird foods at the moment. Figure I'll make this a multi month elimination test. Never cared all that much for chicken eggs or turkey, other than turkey packets where convenient to eat after a workout. So far so good on this latest trial. Have noticed a few positives, in particular the D has gone from liquid to, well for the lack of a better description, chunky.
Spices I can see bothering you, along with eggs. Pork, turkey,chicken and sweet potatoes are all very paleo legal, and even highly encouraged. I doubt those were the source of your problems, unless there was some kind of food allergy. But that would be a first! I know we're all different!

Yeah, I am going outside the paleo box with some of these ideas. I'll write in from time to time with different threads with progress or lack of it. Lot of psychology involved in these unique diet elimination trials, with all the different valuables involved, and reporting in my journal how I'm doing.
Reading a few articles this morning about the potential problems tap water can cause in some and it reminded me of another change I made when I was well to the gut. Thought it worth mentioning. I stopped drinking tap water and instead began buying natural spring water or as some call it paleo water.

The articles I saw:

"Could the Water You Drink Cause Allergies to Food?"



"You’re Still Told Fluoridation Prevents Tooth Decay, but Science Proves Otherwise"


I recall now that I stopped drinking the natural spring water due to seeing writings about the potential problems the chemical bisphenol A can cause. Figure along with the dietary ideas mentioned, I'll give a few months trial of drinking spring water. If that works, I'll figure something out about avoiding bisphenol A found in plastic bottles.
The water thing is super tricky. I know my mom got sicker than she's ever been (she has UC) due to tap water.

I'm lucky enough to live in the city of Vancouver and we have fantastic tap water here. I still run it through a Brita filter but more for taste than any concerns over heavy metals.

It does still have a lot of chlorine in it though, I can smell it really strongly sometimes. If I can find an affordable and plastic-free way to get chlorine free water I'd be all over that.
I'm not expecting a whole lot to come from the natural spring water, but I have to admit this morning my intestines are less inflamed or bloated. Typically when I sit for awhile, as I'm doing now with the computer, it can be uncomfortable. I don't have that feeling this morning. Why that is could be due to many factors, I ate dinner very early last night due to playing tennis in the evening which with extra rest time the guts are less puffy this morning, possibly the other eating ideas I'm doing are working better, simply the pants I'm wearing this morning are less tight (the most likely answer!), or the spring water is making a difference. Hmmm.... well, I did run to the store again this morning and loaded up with more spring water. Figure I'll give this a go for a few months. I suppose if anyone questions me why I have so many spring bottles of water on a counter, I can tell them about the gut test or that I'm expecting a major natural disaster to happen soon and I'm preparing. :lol2:

If over time I do find some long term relief with the spring water, I'll be sure to mention it.

Something is working. No idea if its the diet or the LDN but I've had a terrible week on all fronts (as far as diet, stress, exercise, sunlight and sleep) and still managed to improve markedly across the board.

Joint pain mostly gone, BM's much less frequent and more formed, less urgency, absolutley no gas, bloating or grumbling tummy, skin is much better.

Hoping as I start to lower the Pred it continues. If it is the LDN less Pred should heighten the effect.
Sorry about the ruff terrible week!

But congrats on feeling and doing better with the gut. Hope the positive trend continues!
this is great. I've been trying to sort through everything to start a paleo/autoimmune protocol myself while incorporating low fodmaps.