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...so much for remission :S

Argh!!! The return of the damned Crohn's flare!!! I was doing so well on Humira, everything was great and I had almost forgotten I even had Crohn's...

Then, some stressful life events smacked me about a month ago, and BOOM :ybatty: - The D started, the nausea, the pain... eventually lost my appetite and stopped eating completely, and had 3 rather embarrassing episodes in public where I lost consciousness.

And to the ER I went!

Luckily, I now have friends who are extremely supportive and understanding... One came to the ER and waited with me until I was admitted; my other friends coordinated during my stay so I wouldn't have one lonely day in my hospital room. They visited, brought movies, juices, broths, and their lovely smiling faces. They made arrangements for my neighbour to look after my dog; a neighbour who ended up cooking chicken, fish, and vegetables for her, and took her to the park every day!

What a change from just a few years ago when I had no one. This latest flare has been a gift; it's made me realise I have some of the best friends in the world, and would be there for them in a heartbeat!! And, because of my friends' concern, I got treatment earlier than I would have if I let things be; I'm already starting to feel better and I'm only on 40mg of pred (a two-month wean, not bad, better than when I was on 60mg!). As far as hospitalizations go, it really was the most pleasant (well, as pleasant as it can be when you're pooping bloody-brown water 15 times a day). It was my first hospital stay in Quebec - I had a room overlooking the skyline of Montreal, I went to sleep to its twinkling lights and woke up to its wonderful beauty. I went on midnight walks through the hallways, found 'secret passages' and viewed all kinds of art on display. Felt like I had come full circle - it was the hospital where I was born; castle-like, on the mountain.

So - rambling here, but lesson is - if you're sick, know your body. Go get treatment before things get worse, your recovery will be a lot quicker. And develop and cherish your friendships.

And, you'll be seeing a lot more of me around again, as I attempt to catch up with the new folks and try to pull through! :ghug:

PS- Oh, and I'm following up with my GI this Thursday to find out if I should be continuing Humira or what the next step will be... stay tuned...
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Sorry to hear, but glad it has been a positive event as far as friends are concerned. You will still flare on Humira it doesn't mean it's stopped working, like you said a stressful situation caused most of it. If you respond to steroids then thats the first thing they should give you. The good news is the Humira will help the steroids act quicker and more effective, so just take a breath get your stress under control and laugh with your friends! Keep us updated good luck!