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So much going on.... can anyone relate!?!?

You know how you feel sick and the blood results come back as normal? Then fingers up your butt and that feels normal- to the doctor, not to me! Lol
This makes me feel like I am making stuff up in my head!
Ok, Let me elaborate: I obviously flared up three weeks ago; lethargic, sore abdomen, bloody mucus in stool, very frequently to toilet and loss of appetite. Went to specialst and was started on prednisone and mercaptopurine. The night before I started taking all the meds I was at a friend's house and after our meal and a few drinks my face went bright red and I got a screaming headache, shortly after that I got terrible stomach pains. I ended up curled up in my friend's Bed with a hot water bottle. Started the meds the following day and every day after I'd eaten I would get a sore stomach. Specialist was worried about pancreatitis due to the mercaptopurine. So I stopped taking this after 6 days. The stomach ache is a recurring thing and yesterday I experienced the worst heartburn and stomach ache!!
In the meantime I keep getting these hot flashes in my face followed by a throbbing headache! My husband found me laying under my duvet with the lights off on Sunday and spoke to the specialist ego revered me to ED. blood tests came back normal. So now I am still in hospital waiting for an mri to check for an abces in rectum and a sigmoidoscopy....as I also still have bloody mucus (and no normal stool at all!) my stomach is constantly sore and even more so after eating. I love food, but I am getting scared to it as the pain is bad!
I am so sorry you are going through all that! I can completely relate. I am in excruciating rectal pain as I type. I have been for about 4 months. Dr just says everything looks normal. Oh you have a small fissure. No way this pain is from a fissure! Now I'm having problems on the opposite side of the fistula I've had for 10 years. No answers and back to CRS on Wednesday. Allergic to the antibiotics they want me to take. I have been in pain and mostly in bed for months. I just want the pain to go away! I really hope you get some answers and relief quickly! Have you tried biologics? I am supposed to try Humira but am having many delays with that :(