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So . . .tired.

Fatigue is my biggest symptom right now and it's kicking my ass. House not clean, grabbing takeout too frequently because I'm too tired to cook (which of course doesn't help the GI business). I work 12hr night shifts and usually have a couple energy drinks bolstered with a coffee or two to stay alert and motivated on my shifts. On my days off I try to keep caffeine to one cup max. I take B12, B complex, vit D, calcium+magnesium and fish oil for supplements.
Commiseration and/or advice welcome.
No, I forgot to ask my GE at the last appointment and he didn't bring it up. I'll see him again in a couple months and have a first patient appt with a GP in a few weeks so I'll make a note to ask then.
Hope you can find answers and get your energy back. I had very bad fatigue also. Since I had surgery I have my energy back again thankfully.


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I used to be really fatigued for about a decade. Dietary changes improved it though. Quitting smoking.....I chose a more healthy lifestyle and it helped. It doesn't work for everybody. My doc basically says, dietary changes work to stay in remission.


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Dobermonster, you mentioned taking some vitamins & supplements, but you didn't mention iron. I had a pretty severe iron deficiency a couple years ago, and it was causing me tremendous fatigue. Some days I'd take a 4 hour nap and wake up feeling even more exhausted than I had before the nap - it felt like I could have slept for 24 hours a day and still been exhausted, there was just no amount of sleep that would make me feel at all energized. I then had some iron infusions, and that made a world of difference for me, it was like night and day! Now I take a liquid iron supplement to maintain my levels because I don't want to get back to where I was with that horrible fatigue. When you get your bloodwork done, make sure to ask them to check your iron and ferritin levels.
I can definitely commiserate. Yes to all of the above - get blood work, check for anemia, etc...
But also ugghhhhhhhh. It is frustrating. I am doing a lot better after my recent flare but the fatigue is still lingering. I think fatigue is a tough symptom because tiredness is something we are taught to push through with caffeine and determination, so it can feel lazy...but it's not - it is a physical symptom like any other... But still it's easy for me to feel guilty about needing to take time to rest, or choosing to miss things because of fatigue...somehow it can feel less legitimate than other symptoms.
I hope you get answers and start feeling better soon. In the meantime, I hope you are kind and patient with yourself as much as possible!
Fatigue is horrible. I nap, I try to eat right, but I have learned to really listen to my body. If I get up and 2 hrs later I'm tired. Back to bed it is ( if I'm not working) when I get home from work, I sleep if needed. It took me years to wrap my head around the fact I'm not lazy... my body is fighting hard, so time to sleep. I'm impressed you can Handel so much caffeine... wish I could. Can you call your dr and have your blood work done before your appt. that way he/she could discuss results with you at your appt?
I'm on the same vitamins and supplements as you are. Blood test checks out well. I go to bed pretty early lol too early to admit and I still am very tired. It takes me a couple of hours to fall asleep and then I'm awaken throughout the night by joint pains and bathroom visits. I don't drink coffee. I don't go to bed with the tv on 2 hours before I'm ready to sleep(read that somewhere). I have my 'dinner' earlier in the afternoon so I dont eat cutting close to when I want to sleep. Tried everything.

At this point I have come to the realization I'm never going to feel rested in my life.


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Hi Sarah,

Hang in there buddy. you can talk to me any time. I have struggled like you. I'm a lot more rested now, things will get better, pm me if you need advice on sleep.

Wishing you a good nights sleep,